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Dominique Chambers obtains job from Summit's mock interview

Medical Administrative Assistant Program Graduate

Dominique Chambers ‘21 always had an interest in the medical field, but she does not like blood. After working three years in security, Chambers felt like the COVID-19 pandemic presented her an opportunity to make a career change. As she researched medical careers without blood, Chambers thought that Summit Academy OIC’s Medical Administrative Assistant program was a good fit for her interests and skillset.

Chambers’ performance during Summit’s mock interview week impressed Brookdale Health, a chiropractic and physical therapy clinic, and one of Summit’s employer partners. Upon graduation, the clinic offered Chambers a position on their patient services team where she currently works. Chambers serves as the first point of contact for patients. “I update patients’ charts, book appointments, answer phone calls, and make sure everything runs smoothly at the office,” said Chambers.

Although Chambers went to high school, graduating from Summit was her first secondary schooling experience. Her perseverance through the 20-week program set an example for her son, who is about to attend college. “My son asked, ‘Ma, do you get tired of doing school and trying?’ I’m able to tell him that even when you don’t want to, just keep going because it’s about the bigger picture at the end,” said Chambers.

Chambers’ experience at Summit proved to herself that it was possible to go back to school and launch a new career. Today, she applies the customer service, medical terminology, and billing skills she learned at Summit to her job each day. “I haven’t been to school in a long time, so Summit gave me the spark to go back. I don’t have to settle for a job where I’m chasing money,” said Chambers. “I feel like I do something that I love. I get up in the morning and look forward to seeing the patients and doctors, learning something new, and progressing in the field that I’m in.”

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