Digital Portfolio

I am an accomplished videographer, writer, graphic designer, and web developer. I have worked on marketing communications and product development projects for several international companies and nonprofit organizations. My recent documentary, Browsing History: Video Universe, My Dad, and Me was a 2021 official selection at the Free Range Film Festival. 

Reese (left) and Alex (right) sit at a table across from each other.

Audio and Video

View a few samples of my audio and digital video projects. These works consist of narrative, documentary, and a podcast episode that I produced, directed, and edited. 

Rachel Prost surrounded by an American and Chinese flag mixed together with the adoption triangle.

Graphic Design

My graphic design portfolio showcases a myriad of class assignments, side projects, and experimental works created in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Mobile App Redesign Case Study

This case study discusses the journey toward creating a proposed college mobile app concept to provide personalized resources and campus engagement for students.

UW-Superior proposed mobile application screens
Rachel Prost takes an image using a film photography camera.


With experience in both film and digital photography, I emphasize the shape of light, human gesture, describing space, and focuses on framing in my images.

Digital whiteboard with sticky notes

User Experience Research Case Study 

Taking a thematic approach to analyzing the data collected from this research project, I developed findings and recommendations to transform a nonprofit organization's social media and website strategy.

Rachel Prost sits with her laptop and her cat


Read through my writing samples for social media, the web, and emergent technological spaces. These works also include analyses of films from an aesthetic and cultural perspective and take a critical media literacy approach. This portfolio is also informed by digital media theory and the philosophy of technology.

I Have Collaborated With...


Solid understanding of WYSIWYG web design software and HTML/CSS, I deliver websites that turn client concepts into visual designs and workflows.  

Web Design