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Princess Kabba applies her career readiness skills to DJ job

Cybersecurity Program Graduate

Princess Kabba's '22 passion for continuous learning kept her motivated from the moment she applied to Summit Academy OIC to the day she became an alumna of the Information Technology program. Kabba enrolled at Summit after a coworker told her about the 20-week Cybersecurity program. "I went into cybersecurity because I'm mostly 24/7 on the computer working and now the world we're in is full of technology," said Kabba.

Originally born in Africa, Kabba immigrated to the Caribbean and eventually the United States. People criticized Kabba, telling her that school would be hard because others would not understand her accent or learning lessons in English might be difficult for her to understand. Nonetheless, Kabba focused on what mattered to her.

"I believe that if I focus, do my work, and put in the effort; I will get it. I'm interested in learning, doing something, and furthering my education," said Kabba. At first, Kabba worried she would feel alone in her classes. However, her instructors and classmates' positive community at Summit quickly dispelled her fear.

"The professors are very happy to rephrase their words and talk to you. No one ever told me, 'I'm too busy.' Everyone is willing to help students," said Kabba. Her self-discipline and willingness to ask questions expanded her technical skill set and increased her self-confidence.

In addition to attending school full-time, Kabba worked several jobs. Throughout her studies at Summit, Kabba learned career readiness skills, which she applied to her weekend job as a professional DJ. "I'm a very outgoing person. Summit taught me how to present myself, how to communicate, and professionally reframe things," said Kabba.

As a Summit graduate, Kabba has a few job opportunities on the table, and she is determined to accept the one which will offer her the most fulfilling future. No matter which direction she takes, it is clear that the marketable skills Kabba gained from the Cybersecurity program will prepare her for success. "I'm growing every day," said Kabba. "With so many opportunities and jobs coming my way, I'm so excited to have choices to make. I've done my courses here, and now I'm living a brighter and better life."

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