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The Great Minnesota Get-Together

There is one day per year that my family walks over 18,000 steps. The Minnesota State Fair is an annual tradition my family and I partake in, because there’s something for everyone. With so little time to accomplish everything, the next four steps will ensure that you have an enjoyable time at the fair with the people you love:

  1. Prepare the Party. Go the first day of the fair when the grease is still fresh and the crowds are less than 200,000 people. Have all the members of your party wear the same color shirt, preferably tie-dye just in case you get separated. A backpack filled with water bottles and sunscreen should be rotated around the group so nobody gets worn out from carrying it the entire day. You could just as easily attend the fair alone and save a lot of money on admission and food, but that’s why you can invest in a Blue-Ribbon Bargain Book that contains coupons. Now you can save money and include the all the people you want.

  2. Travel as a Pack. It may seem like a good idea to split up and only enter the places you want, but the time should be spent together. If your brother really wants to go into Monty’s Traveling Reptile House, give him the opportunity to show you why it’s a worthwhile experience. Mill about the Fine Arts building and point out some of your favorite artwork. Engage your family in competition as you spray water at a target, pop a balloon, and gloat about the stuffed minion you must tote around the rest of the day. Race down the giant slide or be that one family that belts out all the words to “Call Me Maybe” at the Giant Sing-Along.

  3. Share the Calories. Purchase foods in which you receive multiple as a serving such as fries, mini donuts, cheese curds, or the overflowing bucket of Sweet Martha’s cookies. That way everyone gets to sample a variety of greasy, sugar packed, or sodium loaded diabetes on a stick. Expand your traditional fair favorites by trying new foods since you won’t be as full when you share. Now you may be thinking, “What if there’s an odd number? Who gets the last bite?” That just serves as a compromising opportunity because the fair is never complete without at least one family argument.

  4. Relax Together. It’s time to catch some entertainment if you begin to experience food vendor signage flicker on, a temperature drop, or aching feet. Some of my family’s favorite inside jokes were generated from watching stand-up comedies at the fair. You may think you’re wasting your time by staying for an entire show, but it’s free and you can leave whenever. Another way to get off your feet is to take a lift on the sky glider over the fair grounds at sunset. You can reflect upon the day, plan the next course of action, or have a nice chat with your loved one beside you.

The Minnesota State Fair is known as the day people walk around under the blazing hot sun from the time it rises until it sets all the while eating and drinking themselves into a food coma. But really the fair is a day dedicated to creating lasting memories with family because they will still love you even after you cram as much junk food as you can in your stomach in one day.

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