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Ageism in the Workplace

Growing older is something people should not feel ashamed of because it’s a part of the human experience. Everyone has the potential to positively contribute to the workplace.

For my final COMM397 audio project, I produced a podcast episode. The goal of the episode is to examine a life obstacle and learn how one can positively transform it. For my first episode, I spoke with two people who have a different perspective or experience with the subject of age discrimination against older employees in the workplace.

Not only do I want to tell my mother's story of persistence, I also want to discover why age discrimination against older employees in the workplace occurs and what people can do to take action to stop it. I hope this episode helps people reconsider if ageism is the last socially acceptable "ism."

Bethann Kemling is the Human Resources Generalist at Wayside House.

Nathan LaCoursiere was a public attorney for the City of Duluth, Minnesota and currently teaches students majoring or minoring in legal studies and criminal justice at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.


Age Discrimination in Minnesota and Wisconsin Resources

Federal Law

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)/Age Discrimination in Employment Act

Gross v. FBL Financial Services, Inc., 557 U.S. 167 (2009)



Attorney Referral Services

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