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Koffivi Aklassou secures IT career to set example for his children

Cybersecurity Program Graduate

Koffivi Aklassou’s '22 interest in technology began around the time of the first release of the iPhone. In 2007, he joined the jailbreak community, where advanced users like himself looked for ways to exploit Apple’s iOS operating system to customize the look of the phone’s software. He also worked as an independent contractor setting up corporate offices, installing computers, and working in IT technical support. After listening to his coworkers discuss their future careers in IT, Aklassou felt encouraged to pursue a career in cybersecurity and made Summit Academy OIC his launch point.

“I have three beautiful children that keep me going. I’m setting an example for them. That’s why I’m changing my career to cybersecurity, so I can spend more time with them instead of the jobs I was doing,” said Aklassou. “Coming to Summit was a no-brainer. I know in our community, it’s hard times right after COVID. But, at Summit, I’m learning skills for my career, and they help us build our resume.”

Aklassou enjoyed the hands-on Project Ares Battle Room learning scenarios. He said it felt like he was playing a video game while learning coding, Kali Linux, power shell, and other machine-learning tools. Aklassou especially appreciated his professional development course with Ms. Marshall, where he learned how to transform his classroom experience into powerful accomplishment statements on his resume.

“Ms. Marshall’s classes are so energetic. You may be feeling down, but her personality will wake you up because she’s trying to help you succeed,” said Aklassou. “I sent my resume and interviewed with one company, but they told me I was overqualified for the job. It was mind-boggling because I’m just trying to get my foot in the door.”

Aklassou’s cybersecurity cohort had the opportunity to attend a convention that featured the FBI, CIA, and some of the fastest-growing and innovative companies. “I was among great, big companies from around the world, and it was amazing to network with people who worked there. Technology is the future, and being there felt like I was in the future,” said Aklassou.

One month after Aklassou achieved his industry-recognized certificate in cybersecurity, he started a job at Technologist Computers as a Computer Field Technician Apprentice. In his spare time, Aklassou likes to do photography and videography. He is currently working on launching his clothing line. “I don’t know any other program out there doing what Summit’s doing. I’m grateful for Summit and everything they have offered me.”

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