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Digital onscreen graphics which “appear in the corner of the television screen…while the main program is still showing” made me think about the advertisements projected on the glass during hockey broadcasts and watermarks on pictures. Unlike “internet pop-ups and banners” which disappear after a few moments, the digital onscreen graphics remain tacked to the work. The computer-generated logos displayed on the glass during hockey games and watermark on photography are a distraction.

It is possible the origin of ‘bugs’ on the glass throughout a televised hockey game came from the advertisements physically placed around the hockey rink boards. Similar to television “station and program logos,” the content is shown behind the goalie net is constantly present. While this is revolutionary for businesses as people are reminded of the brand name, it also takes away from the main focus on the programming for at home viewers. The television audience not only sees the logos stamped around the rink boards but also the computer generated ones which cover up the live crowd. In my opinion, these computer-generated advertisements are more distracting because their placement seems unnatural. In addition to the odd placement of logos during televised hockey games, watermarks on photographs also detract from the main work.

There are advantages and disadvantages to watermarking photographs. Some photographers argue a watermark’s presence will prevent people from profiting off their original work without permission. While this is true, determined people are capable of finding ways to use the image such as cropping out the watermark. When consumers want to create their own artwork using online free services, the company’s logo is branded onto it unless one pays extra money to remove it. Many watermarks are poorly designed (too big or illegible) or poorly placed. To me, this draws attention away from the focus of the image and I perceive the photo as less professional. An alternative to a watermark could be developing a signature style and let the artwork speak for itself. There are some situations, however, in which using a watermark is beneficial. One example is presenting work to potential clients or publishing the content on different social media platforms to spread the photographer’s brand name. Although digital onscreen graphics assist in promoting brand awareness both in the television and photography industry, they shift the focus away from the main event.

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